About Us

Our team of project management professionals consists of individuals who are well seasoned in this discipline and bring a focused, detailed approach to all projects on behalf of our valued clients.


From preliminary concepts to post-implementation follow up, our world class team is the first choice for many of Canada’s leading retailers. Multi- faceted, Cameron + Associates Management inc. offers results-oriented experience in retail, to deliver speed-to-market Architectural services that have revolved around the execution of superior design, planning, technical, and practical logistical support. In particular we focus our efforts on ensuring that budgets are created to meet the client’s needs, with modifications or changes to budget numbers are communicated up front and in a timely manner. We ensure realistic schedules are developed and become the catalyst to ensure these schedules are maintained. We look at projects through the eyes of the client and are always looking for cost effective measures that do not compromise the design or technical intent of the assigned projects.

Our Approach

In undertaking project management assignments for clients we take a disciplined approach and follow diligently the following steps through to a successful completion of projects on behalf of our clients:

  • Develop detailed scopes of work for each project.
  • Review and have the client sign off on the scope to ensure we have captured all requirements.
  • Prepare preliminary budgets for consideration and ensure we are working within the financial expectations of the client.
  • Work with assigned consultants ( Architects, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers ) and ensure documentation is fully co-ordinated and reflects complete project scope.
  • Bring forward cost saving opportunities as may be required.
  • Provide a final check on documentation to ensure completeness of project scope.
  • On behalf of the client tender documents in order to receive competitive pricing.
  • Provide the client with a first cut schedule indicating the projected completion date of the project.
  •  Apply for and follow up on all permit applications.
  • Review results of tenders and provide clients with a detailed analysis to ensure pricing is presented on an equal basis.
  • Make recommendation to the client on a contract award.
  • Schedule an initial kick off site meeting with consultants, contractor and key sub trades to ensure all parties are working from the most current documents and with the same understanding of goals and objectives.
  • Schedule weekly progress meetings, documents and circulate minutes of the meeting within 48 hours for follow up requirements.
  • Prepare Change Orders and seek Clients approval or rejection before allowing work to proceed on site. All change orders will be accompanied with cost and schedule implications.
  • Prepare monthly budget updates for clients information.
  • Ensure project schedule is being maintained or seek remedies to return to projected schedule and completion.
  • Process monthly progress draws from contractors for payment by the client.
  • Provide direction on RFI’s as they are requested.
  • Undertake project completion documentation including the assurances of consultant sign off’s and obtaining occupancy permits.
  • Provide a detailed deficiency report for follow up by contractors and sub trades.
  • Provide client with final budget summary including all additional costs incurred through the change order process.
  • Provide client with a project close our report.

Our Focus

  • Cameron + Associates Management inc. services are more focused than other firms, we know retail intimately and understand the implications of undertaking projects in an operating environment.
  • We are disciplined and work with the understanding that we are looking after the best interests of our clients and in doing so we ensure that we provide the best value to our clients.
  • We are not looking for one time projects but in developing long lasting relationships with key clients and we realize the best way to have that opportunity is by consistently meeting and exceeding client’s expectations.
  • At Cameron + Associates Management inc. we are committed to being proactive, disciplined and creating cost effective solutions for our valued clients in a timely fashion to meet tight deadlines.
Given the opportunity to perform on your behalf: WE WILL DELIVER on time and on budget.